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Electric and Water Borne Underfloor Heating in Bath

Experience the luxury of warm floors during cold winter mornings. Underfloor Heating can sit beneath tile, stone, wooden or even carpeted surfaces – keeping cold rooms and floors toasty. Gone are the days of tip-toeing barefoot into your kitchen or bathroom! The whole floor is, in effect, transformed into a low-energy radiator.

Systems cost, on average, 20% less to run than traditional heating systems. It can also be seen as an excellent selling point and can add value to your home if/when you come to market your property.

The type of Underfloor Heating system depends  on the shape and size of the room you are heating and whether you’re installing the system as part of a whole refurbishment project or retrospectively.

Electric Underfloor Heating

How it works:

Electric cables are fitted beneath the flooring (picture). This heats the room using electricity. Electric Underfloor Heating has the benefit of a faster warm up time. Although cheaper to install, it can be more expensive to run.

Electric Underfloor Heating is easier to fit in small rooms and awkward spaces – for example, it can fit around tight spaces such as sinks and toilets. It can also be easier/more flexible to install to pre-existing floors as it measures only 3mm – they can fit into the space below the floorboards with minimum disruption.

Water Borne Underfloor Heating

How it works:

Water borne Underfloor Heating works by circulating warm water, provided from your boiler, under the floor to heat the room. With Water borne Underfloor Heating, you do need more depth space for pipes and added insulation.

Some Underfloor heating companies may not take on the, often considered, arduous task of retro-fitting Water-borne Underfloor Heating Systems. As flooring experts, working alongside our sister company Interior Harmony , we are happy to raise the whole floor, fit the system and re-lay the floor. We can do this for new builds or as retro-fit.

Water borne Underfloor Heating only requires heating water for the system to a temperature of 40 to 60 degrees, compared to radiators which require a minimum of 80 to 90 degrees.

In the long-term, Water-borne Underfloor Heating is more financially efficient, even though it costs more than Electric Underfloor Heating to install.

Underfloor Heating Systems in Bath and Bristol

Whether you are interested in electric or water-borne underfloor heating, we will be able to discuss the different options and find the solution that is best for you. Please take some time to look at the options under Underfloor Heating Systems and call us today, or pop in to our Bath based showroom on Chelsea Road to discuss your project further.



If removing the existing flooring for underfloor heating in your property is not an option, why not think about installing Thermaskirt – a cost effective alternative to underfloor heating. Thermaskirt replaces the existing skirting and radiators with a skirting that is integrated with oval tubes which allows warm water to flow through. The skirting distributes heat quickly and evenly around the room just like underfloor heating and provides you with more usable room space.

  • Available in a range of profiles, finishes & colours to suit your home
  • Easy to install – renovation or new-build, extension or conversion
  • Works with conventional boilers- can be installed directly onto existing heating systems
  • No exposed pipes and sharp edges
  • Save up to 25% on heating costs
  • No need to drain down or remove when redecorating
  • Special low surface temperature controls are available for use in Nurseries, Care Homes and all sensitive areas.